The future of denim


Pioneered by GUESS in 2024,
GUESS AIRWASH™ is our innovative new washing technique that
uses air & humidity to produce the same effect as stonewashing in a sustainable way.

With GUESS AIRWASH™, we’re able to save
up to 80% on water consumption compared to traditional denim washing practices.

Up to 80% Less Water Usage

Icon no toxic chemicals

No Toxic

Icon zero stones


Icon made safer & smarter

Made Safer
& Smarter

Icon up to 40% energy savings

Up to 40%
Energy Savings

How It Works

We rely on three different technologies that
were created to mimic traditional denim washing techniques, without the harmful side effects.

1 Laser Distressing

Replicates the worn jeans look, using
computer software

2 e-Flow

Turns fog into nano-bubbles, which are then
used to control shrinkage + achieve a soft feel

3 O-Zone

Uses air from the atmosphere to treat garments by reacting with fiber dyes, giving them a worn look
while also cleaning any residual indigo re-deposition
& controlling the cast of the fabric

represents the foundation upon which
GUESS JEANS was built— a groundbreaking new commitment to sustainability across all categories & methods of manufacturing.